Thursday, October 14, 2010

Second Edit Done!

Okay, so I am going to keep milking the excuse that I just had a baby to pardon my tardiness in posting this, but my wonderful friend Julie finished her edits of "The Order."  Thank you so much Julie!  You are amazing.

Now, I have to confess that she finished it right before Lucas was born, so that was two months ago, and the binder with her handwritten edits is still sitting, untouched, on my desk. I need to pull up my old file of "The Order" and start fixing all the mistakes that she found.  Once that is all done, I will probably consider "The Order" finished (unless I get an agent and have it professionally edited for publication).

So, what kind of good news does this final editing translate into?  If I can ever find the time to get all my mistakes fixed, I will probably upload my manuscript to the self-publishing site that I use (Lulu) and make it available for anyone to purchase (hopefully in hardback, soft cover and/or electronic pdf for all you computer users).

So, if you have been dying to read more than just the few chapters that are available on The Order Saga website, this might be your chance to find out what only my beta test-readers know... the entire story!  Of course, posting lots of comments on this blog encouraging me to get this done might just flatter me enough to do it in a timely manner!  Just teasing...

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