Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cookbook Done!

So, my project of working on the family cookbook is finally over, and now Scott and I are going to take a much needed vacation.  Upon my return, I hope to get back to working hard on my sequel.  I am very excited to get writing again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update- Cookbook

Well, I am sure some of you keep looking at my sidebar and reading, "Marsha is on page 20 of her sequel, "The Others," and wondering why that number doesn't change!

Well, that's because I haven't been working on my sequel for awhile now, and I just wanted to let everyone know why. My family puts together a family cookbook, and every so often we do updates. I am currently in charge of typing up the updates for our next version of the cookbook, and all my spare computer time gets eaten up by that.

The good news is, I hope to be done with the cookbook very soon, and I will get back to working hard on my sequel. Just hang in there! I haven't forgotten about it yet.