Thursday, March 4, 2010


Who do you think Amy Wilkins looks like?

I found this pictures of an actress named Amanda Bynes, and I think she looks pretty close to what I see in my mind, just make the hair curly. She has that pleasant face with friendly round cheeks that I think Amy should have. Amanda Bynes was in the movie Syndey White (a tongue-in-cheek remake of Snow White). In the movie, her face was the perfect "Amy" but I had a hard time finding many pictures of her that looked much like she did in the movie.

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Melissa said...

I pictured her with blond curly hair...but I'm weird that way. My mind never pays attention to the physical specifics it focuses on the behavior.
Like Edward in Twilight. She says over and over that his hair is "bronze" and I always pictured him with black hair! :)