Monday, February 22, 2010

Will The Order get Published?

Probably the most frequently asked question when someone new finds out that I wrote a novel is, "Will you try to get it published?" What a question!!

Well, here is the process right now. I just had a good friend and writer edit my novel for the first time (if you don't count the hundreds of times I tried to edit my novel myself, along with help from my husband, sister, and other readers). Thanks again Emily!

Now, I have one other friend that I know about who is a college essay mentor- Julie. She has agreed to read my novel as an editor as well. However, she is currently busy with personal things and won't have time until April to get started. The good news there is that I will have some time to dive back into my sequel! I haven't really been writing for several months now because I have been focused on editing The Order, so I am just itching to get back to work.

After that? Who knows. Julie also knows a published author and suggested that perhaps this author would take a look at my novel and tell me if the thought it was publishable. If she really enjoys it, maybe she would even show it to her agent. Wouldn't that be exciting!

So, things are on hold for the moment until Julie can take a look at it and help me edit again. Then, I might start writing a query letter and see about finding an agent. That entire process is so overwhelming to think about!! Maybe with enough encouragement from my adoring fans, I will be convinced to share my story with the world! In the mean time, I will see about making a webpage where I can post a few chapters of my novel so the rest of you can take a look.

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